Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The National Aphasia Association

We learn in the web link below that Aphasia is a impairment of speech causing you to have difficulty in reading and writing. Aphasia comes from a brain injury, for older individuals it usually comes from strokes. Individuals with aphasia can have very mild cases, but they can also have a severe case. Aphasia most commonly affects one particular point within your body, for example, the ability to put your words into a complete sentence. There are many different types of aphasia. The most common type is Global Aphasia. These individuals can not read nor write. We also learn that there are other disorders that are mistaken for aphasia. More than 1 million people within in the United States are diagnosed with aphasia, and it can be found in all races, ages, and sex. Aphasia can be temporary for an individual, although there is no cure for the disorder, and no known ways to prevent aphasia.

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