Wednesday, June 17, 2009


After creating this blog I have learned so much about Aphasia, and the different types associated with aphasia. We learn that there are multiple types, ones more severe than others. The blog also educated individuals on the ways to become diagnosed with aphasia, and the support for love ones. We also are given specific information from statistics and surveys on aphasia, and the pronunciation of words. Finally, we are given video to help one understand how to cope with someone diagnosed with aphasia, and to see how there lives are affected from day to day.

The learning objectives obtained in this blog:
  • Learning the definiton of Aphasia, and how it is clasified
  • Learning information; including diagnosis, treatment, and support tactics
  • Learning specific information and statistics about Aphasia

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Psych Verb Production and Comprehension in Agrammatic Broca's Aphasia

The study below was formed by examining 8 patients diagnosed with aphasia. The participants were examined on their ability to pronounce certain verbs. The journal also goes into great detail about the different types of aphasia. They were tested based upon their fluency of the verbs, repetition, naming, and auditory compensation. The journal shares with us the results of the study, and also gives a place for discussion about the study.

On-line processing of Tense and Temporality in Agrammatic Aphasia

In this journal we are given specific information leading to how individuals are diagnosed with aphasia. It is a research study between 3 English speaking individuals and how they have defects within there comprehension. The journal goes in to specific detail on how the individuals can identify some of their verbs and not others. This article also shows a table explaining information collected from the participants in the study. It shows that they went through language testing, along with sentence positioning, followed by, a graph explaining the results within the experimental. This journal was very helping in the learning of aphasia and how one is tested, and shows the outcome in their specific form of aphasia.